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  I’ve been to the beach for many times. Each time i went there, I have many different feelings.

  One day I went there with my parents, we looked at the ocean together.

  We ran on the beach, swam in the ocean. We really had fun.

  When I went there with my firends, we played water polo in the ocean together.

  We played happily. Our friendship became very good.

  The ocean is really beautiful, I like swimming in the ocean.

  When I look at the ocean in nights. I have different feelings. I feel the world is really beautiful.

  I like the blue ocean. I will put my best memory on it.

  Today was realiy boring.I went nowhere,I just stayed at home because the weather was rainy.The rain was raining heavily in the sky.And there was much dirty water on the ground.

  I watched TV,but all the shows were long and long soap operas.I didn't like them!Then I read a book,but they were too difficult for me.So I couldn't get it!Computer games were also difficult and bor去年患上了癫痫病,应该怎么治疗这种病呢?ing...

  In short,the day was boring.I flet so bad!



  Have you ever been to Wuhan?I have been there several times.

  I think it's really a beautiful city.

  I fell in love with it when I first traveled there.It has many nice places.

  The traffic is fine.And the people are friendly.

  There are some beautiful parks such as the Zhongshan Park,the East Lake Park and the Liberation Park.

  In the zoo,you can see many kinds of animals.

  You can easily buy what you want,because there are supermarkets everywhere.You can see tall buildings up and down the streets.

  And the streets are wide and tidy.

  Trees can be seen everywhere.Buses and taxis can take you where you want to go.The drivers are polite.You will feel comfortable.

  There is an airport in Wuhan.You can fly to the foreign countries and take air trips freely.

  Please travel to Wuhan.I would脑梗引起的癫娴发病频繁注意什么 like to be your tour guide.

  Do you know what dish is the most popular in the cold winter in China? I know it's hot pot. Hot pot is a Chinese tasteful folk dish. No matter in the north or in the south, people like hot pot very much and every region has its local features. For example, Sihuan hot pot is hot while Guangdong hot pot is famous for its fresh. Usually, there is a metal hot pot in the middle of table. When the soup in the pot is kept simmering, dishes are put into the pot. Beef, mutton, fish and vegetables are the main dishes. It is extremely popular in winter because it can keep the dishes warm all the time. And the atmosphere is hot, too. Friends or relatives sit down together to have a feast. It's a good way to relax.


  When the trend is followed by the public, then it becomes the fashion. Most girls will follow the dressing style and promotes the trend. We are the ordinar癫痫病的手术治疗费用y people and easy to be attracted by the fashion, so the one who creates the fashion is like the hero, changing the world. Lady Gaga is the lengend, for she refused to follow the fashion, instead, she created the fashion. At first, her exaggerating dress style were laughed by the media, but it caught the public’s attention, especially favored by the young people, because they thought it was so individual. Soon Lady Gaga was hot and she had fans around the world. Her story inspires the young people to chase their dreams, never to lose their own features for following the crowd. Everybody can have the ability to creat his own fashion.

  当趋势受到大众的追捧时,那么它就变成了时尚。大多数女孩会追随穿衣风格,并且促进这一时尚的发展。我们是普通人,很容易被时尚所吸引,因此,创造时尚的人就像是英雄,改变了世界。Lady Gaga是传奇,因为她拒绝追随时尚,相反,她创造了时尚。起初,她夸张的衣服风格被媒体笑了,但这引起了公众的注意,特别是深受年轻人的喜爱,因为他们认为这是这么有个性。很快Lady Gaga大热,她在世界都有粉丝。她的故事激励了年轻人去追逐自己的梦想,永远不要为了追随大众而失去自己的特性。每个人都有能力创造自己的时尚。

  Which is better, shopping online or traditional shopping? Different people have different attitudes towards it. Some people think that online shopping is very convenient, for it can save them a lot of time and energy. It’s especially helpful fo癫痫治疗甘肃哪家医院最有效r those who are always busy with their work. Besides, through the internet, they can get more information about the commodities they want to buy and buy a lot of things that cannot be bought in local places.


  Nevertheless, I’m not keen on online shopping at all, since most commodities which are bought online are of poor quality. Once we are cheated, we may find it difficult to make a complaint. Thus we should take more cautions when shopping online.


  In my eyes, I prefer traditional shopping, because I can choose what I really need. Also, I can know the quality of every commodity more clearly. Even if there’s something wrong with the commodities, I can still ask the sellers to compensate for my loss.


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